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With the Circular Gastronomy Challenge and our committed partners, there are great opportunities to accelerate the development towards a circular economy and contribute to gastronomic diversity in the restaurant industry.

The innovation program is developed in collaboration with Vasakronan, Martin & Servera, Electrolux Professional, Stockholm Gas, Turistrådet Västsverige and Göteborg & Co as well as experts from business, academia and organizations such as Axfoundation, Generation Waste, Good Food Capital, Restaurangakademien and RISE.

We are happy to support other organizations that contribute towards gastronomic diversity and a healthier food system, such as Framtidens Krogkultur, Exceptionell Råvara, Reformaten, Eldrimner, Food Planet Prize, Mad Academy, Take Over. If there’s an initiative we should be supporting, please let us know at

  • Vasakronan
  • Martin & Servera
  • Electrolux Professional
  • Stockholm Gas
  • Västsverige
  • Göteborg & co
  • Axfoundation
  • Generation Waste
  • Good Food Capital
  • Restaurangakademien
  • Rise