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Each year, Circular Gastronomy curates a number of smart ideas within the circular food system and helps their creators bring them to life. Support is provided by organizations and individuals in the worlds of gastronomy, the circular economy and business development – it can take the form of new contacts, concrete advice from experts, practical guidance via coaching and help with communication and spreading your concept. This support extends over the period of one year.

We’ve already supported a wide range of ideas, including: how to recycle all the corks pulled out of wine bottles every day (Agneta Green, Oaxen Krog, 2020); how to prevent tons of food from being wasted by turning it into frozen meals (Sopköket, 2021); and how to produce fresh water anywhere on earth (Wayout, 2022).

Do you have an idea that can make restaurants, bars, bakeries, or cafes more circular? We welcome new ideas as well as existing projects. And if you don’t have your own food business, please feel free to suggest other candidates.

Nominate your idea for the Circular Gastronomy Challenge 2023.

Past winners