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Advisory Board

The jury is supported by an advisory board made up of experts in circular economy, sustainability and business development. The board is continuously updated with new expertise.

Maria Nehme O’Neill, specialist in sustainable food, restaurants and food waste, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden.
Lina Andersson Fasth, education leader Generation Waste.
Jesper Johansson, CEO of the Restaurant Academy.
Emil Blauert, business developer, sustainable business models and food systems, Good Food Capital.
Madeleine Linins Mörner, program manager, Maria Lundesjö, sustainable farming, Veronica Öhrvik, sustainable seafood, and Christian Sjöland, business development and biodiversity – all Framtidens food, Axfoundation.
Rune Kalf Hansen, chef and restaurateur, Kalf & Hansen; award winner 100% Circular 2018.
Paul Svensson, chef and restaurateur, Paul Taylor Lanthandel, formerly at Fotografiska restaurant.
Dheeraj Singh, chef and restaurateur with a focus on sustainability, Indian Street Food.
Fredrik Johnsson, chairman Exceptionell Råvara; former restaurateur at Volt; award winner 100% Circular 2017.
Nidal Kersh, restaurateur Falafelbaren, Restaurant Mazra’a.
Fia Gulliksson, concept developer, sustainable gastronomy, Food In Action.
Sofia Jöngren, senior consultant, political processes and circular economy, Downtown Advisors.
Anna Denell, head of sustainability, and Jesper Örtengren, responsible for food & beverage development, Vasakronan.
Kristina Ossmark, sustainability director, Martin & Servera.
Anna-Lena Marquardt, strategy & analysis manager, Stockholm Gas.
Viktoria Roos, leader in open innovation, Electrolux Professional.
Katarina Thorstensson, sustainability strategist, Gothenburg & Co.